A New Beginning!


Well, friends, after ten years of blogging, I’ve finally made the move to WordPress.

I probably should have made the move long ago, but change is always difficult for me. With ten years of content over on blogger, this space feels a bit sparse.

But like any new space there are a lot of exciting things, too. New color palette, new design, additional content and functionality.

Beginning in July I’m going to be sending out a quarterly newsletter filled with inspiring, beautiful, and serendipitous things. I hope you’ll take a moment to sign up using the form below. I’ll be sharing more about this in the weeks to come.

As many of you know, I’ve been posting devotionals on my Instagram page for several years. Now that I’ve moved my blog to WordPress I plan to integrate more of that content here. Not all of my followers are on IG or FB and I am hoping to serve all of you better from this space.

My intent is to bring you more of Him, through words and images shared on this page. That you might know and experience the joy of His presense.

Grace to you and peace.

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5 thoughts on “A New Beginning!

  1. I made the move to WordPress a few years ago from Blogger and have loved it. But I know what you mean about it feeling sparse at first! I get your blog posts on Feedly and nothing seems to have changed there so that’s good. ๐Ÿ™‚

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